Positive thinking guide

Positive thinking guide

“High quality of education”, Measure 3.4 “Openness of the education system in the context of learning throughout life,” Measure 3.4.3 “Dissemination of learning throughout life.”

The project aims to raise the level of educational guidance at the junior high school for students with special educational needs. The Project will be developed in a consistent tool platform with a game and methodological materials to identify predispositions and professional interests of students.

Starte date 01/03/2014
Intermediate Centre for the Development of Education
Project Leader American Systems Sp. with o.o.
Partner Project Department of Psychology and Psychotherapy proactive Proporta
Source of funding Human Capital Operational Programme Priority III


Maciej Matouszek
tel. 61 624 83 07
E-mail: m.matouszek@american-systems.pl

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